Ye Mighty – Beyond Cairo

Released  in 2011 on First World records and limited to 500 copies on vinyl, Beyond Cairo delivers a heavy ethio-jazz inspired LP fused with hip-hop breaks throughout. Given the Brighton duo’s subsequent pursuit of separate projects, this is likely to be the one and only release from Ye Mighty, and one that’s well worth getting hold of whilst it’s available.



Skeletons – Smile

Released in 2010 on Impossible Ark Records. Each record is housed within an individually hand-pressed sleeve from the ‘A Two Pipe Problem’ letterpress. There are two runs of this record – one of 300 and one of 200 with a slightly different sleeve design.

Despite sounding like a full-on Afro-jazz ensemble, Skeletons consist of Benedic Lamdin and Benedic Lamdin only. Apparently the man behind Nostalgia 77 produced the album using ‘scraps of sound’ collected over the years from various recording sessions – and they’re quite some scraps! Includes an uncredited appearance from Alice Russell.

Limited to 500 copies (300 + 200)